1. Course Overview: Meet your Coach Cheryl Haworth!

Cheryl Haworth is an eleven-time consecutive National Champion. She earned the title of "Strongest Woman in the United States" in 1998 at the age of fifteen and still holds all School-age Junior, Senior and Pan-American records in the Super Heavyweight Class. Cheryl brought home an Olympic Bronze Medal for the United States in 2000 from the Sydney Olympic Games. She went on to also compete in the Athens, Greece Olympic Games in 2004 and Beijing, China Olympic Games in 2008. Currently, Cheryl resides in Atlanta, Georgia and operates Haworth Weightlifting out of BTB Fitness in Buckhead


Why the Clean & Jerk?

Emphasis in this section will be on finding and consistently creating quality positions within the clean, jerk, and all transitional and dynamic moments that this movement presents to athletes. You will receive explanations, demonstrations, and practical applications for how to progress with the clean and jerk for maximum potential.

What is this course?

This course is a practical learning immersion that offers the clean and jerk methodology that Cheryl has crafted over her 20+ year career as both Olympic athlete and coach.

How is the experience presented?

Course participants will enter into a first person lecture and movement practical. You will be guided to apply protocols and solution focused drill work in order to become better equipped in assessing the movement qualities of both the clean and jerk as individual movements.

After both movements have been detailed as individual components, there will be an opportunity to "put it all together" and see the full skill with all of its potential for function and performance.

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