2. Support Positions: Stable Surface

Key Points: Stable Surface

Full support

  • Elbows are locked
  • Joints are stacked; shoulders on top of elbows, on top of wrists
  • Midline is neutral, eyes forward
  • Push down through the shoulders but keep the chest open

Bottom of dip

  • Torso is neutral, if not slightly hollow
  • Eyes & chest up
  • Elbows squeezed together creating thoracic tension and encouraging a vertical position
  • Similar to your squat, be sure to perform at full depth


  • Maintain a vertical position as body descends and ascends between support positions
  • Beware of hinging at the hip as this will alter the support positions and the ability to move between them
  • Eyes & chest should remain upright throughout the movement


  • Self-assist with feet placed slightly behind on the ground to encourage a vertical torso
  • May also use DB’s on plyo boxes to create a stable surface and allow for the athlete to place more loading on the legs as they perform the various support positions.

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