1. Lecture Overview: Meet Your Coach Mike Molloy

Along with an education in science, Mike Molloy developed a knowledge of how to use nutrition and physical training to create health, longevity and increase human performance. Over the course of his career, he's studied regenerative muscle biology, biochemistry and completed his PhD in Immunology & Microbiology. This career path has given him a unique perspective on health/nutrition and how to improve both for performance. Since 2008, he's been working with people on optimizing their nutrition and lifestyles for maximal performance and currently owns and operates M2 Performance Nutrition


Why Nutrition?

Nutrition is about more than calories in and calories out. In this lecture, Power Monkey Nutrition Coach Mike Molloy shares his approach for creating sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits to support not only your performance in the gym, but also throughout the rest of your life. Come learn how to set your total calorie intake, break down your macros, dial in your sleep and so much more.

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