1. Course Overview: Meet Your coach Lindsay Shoop!

Lindsay Shoop is an Olympic Gold Medalist, member of the USA Rowing Hall of Fame, 3x World Champion, 5x World Cup Medalist, former World Record Holder, and 2x NCAA All-American. Lindsay is also the author of Better Great than Never: Believing It's Possible Is Where Champions Begin.

She also holds her MSEd, Exercise Physiology (specializations in Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition) with specific experience coaching at the middle school, high school, masters, collegiate, pre-elite, and elite levels.


Why Rowing?

A relatively misunderstood sport, rowing is push based, not pull based. It is indeed a total body activity, but it is a predominantly leg-driven one. So although it is often perceived as a pull, rowing is a push-oriented sport made most effective by focusing on proper use of the legs and smoothly transferring the energy they generate through every link in the kinetic chain.

What is this course?

This station moves into the theory, application, and methods of becoming a more conscious and efficient rower. If the only rowing strokes you take are hard and fast, the body will compensate to simply “push the weight.” This compromises technique and leads to a much lower peak level of power. So…we must slow down to speed up.

How is the experience presented?

Course participants will enter into a first person lecture and movement practical. You will be guided to apply protocols and focused drill work in order to become a more knowledge based and competent athlete on the rowing erg.

Lindsay will guid you through:

  1. A Rowing Overview
  2. Common Terminology
  3. Basic Motions
  4. General Rowing Drills
  5. Common Limitations
  6. Keys to Longevity

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